Every Superhero Needs a Great Sidekick: Honoring Dads that Support Their Special Needs Children

Posted by on Jun 18, 2016

For many parents, one of the greatest joys of raising a child is watching them experience firsts. Their first laugh, first words, and first steps are marked as milestones to be remembered for a lifetime. Parents of children with special needs may often find themselves feeling left out of some of these moments, but this Father’s Day we would like to showcase some crafty fathers who put their special needs design work to the test to create some milestones of their own.

One father, excited to watch his 3-year-old son trick or treat on Halloween, found himself in a difficult situation when his son expressed the desire to dress as Disney-Pixar character, Wall-E. Although Halloween stores had the costume stocked, finding one that could accommodate a child with a wheelchair proved difficult, and that is when Lon Davis put his special needs design skills to the test for the first time.

Lon designed a Wall-E costume that worked perfectly with his son Reece’s wheelchair, and along the way, he discovered a passion for creating costumes with a special needs design! Now, Reese is the proud founder of Walkin & Rollin, a non-profit organization which makes costumes for kids who use walkers and wheelchairs. A gallery of Walkin & Rollin’s special needs design costumes is available on their website.

Another dad who found himself in the position to create something unique for his child with special needs is Brian Tashima, father of Torin Tashima, who has autism. While growing up, Torin quickly gained a passion for reading, and one day asked his father, who works as a musician, to write him an original sci-fi novel. Instead of backing down, Torin’s father happily agreed, and now this musician-turned-novelist is writing a seven volume science fiction series which proudly features a character with autism.

“With these books, I really wanted to emphasize the positive aspects of being on the autism spectrum and create a character that saved the day with his special qualities, not despite them,” Tashima told themighty.com.

“The Spectraland Saga” already has its first two books available for purchase, and Brian Tashima is hard at work writing the third installment. Writing in his blog post on May 19th,

“…I expect to have this draft completed around August or September, 2016.”

E-Z-ON PRODUCTS, INC. of FLORIDA® is always excited about creating products with special needs design to create a more accessible world for all. Many parents go above and beyond every day to be the best sidekick they can be to their special needs heroes, and like the fathers above, help to provide a childhood full of beautiful milestones for their children. E-Z-ON PRODUCTS, INC. of FLORIDA®  sends a loving thank you to all of the caring fathers who live everyday as their child’s sidekick, we know that you and your children will continue to soar.

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