Frequently Asked Questions

Question Can I use an E-Z-ON Seat Mount in any other vehicle?

Answer The E-Z-ON Seat Mount has been approved to meet FMVSS213 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)to be used only on a school bus seat. This excludes vans, trucks and cars that do not meet NHTSA’s definition of a ‘school bus’. See

When using an E-Z-On Seat Mount it is important to be sure passengers seated behind the Seat Mount passenger be restrained.
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Question How do I order an E-Z-ON vest?
Answer Vests and other E-Z-ON Products can be purchased through a local distributor. If you do not have a distributor locted in your state, choose the closest distributor near you. See the Ordering page for more info. Click here to download our Sizing and Measuring Chart.

Question Where can I find the latest products?
Answer Check out the Products page.

Question Where is E-Z-ON located?
Answer We are located in Jupiter, Florida.