Back to School Blog: Getting Your Child Used to the Bus

Back to School Blog: Getting Your Child Used to the Bus
August 20, 2017 newezon

The mixture of emotions both you and your child may feel dealing with a new schedule, or perhaps even getting used to a new school can make returning to a routine at the end of summer quite the task. For many parents, the use of the school bus is essential in carrying out day-to-day life. Getting your child acclimated to the idea of riding the school bus can be a daunting task, but with these tips, we hope we can make riding the bus just a little bit easier for both you and your child.

Here are five tips for getting you, and your child, used to the school bus:

  1. Familiarize yourself

Many parents may find themselves worried when putting the transportation of their child in a stranger’s hands, but a simple way to find reassurance is to familiarize yourself with the situation. Talking with your child’s bus driver, learning the routes and schedules, and asking about school bus safety restraints can all help provide a sense of comfort when your child is riding the bus. It is important to remember that your child is in good hands, as school bus drivers must hold a CDL license, pass a physical exam, and in many states hold first aid certifications. In fact, the school bus may be even safer than you think.

  1. Familiarize your child

Just like yourself, your child will most likely be nervous about their first experience on the school bus. It is important that your child is aware of all that is to come before their first day. Driving your child through the bus route, explaining where to get on and off, and going over the bus schedule can help avoid confusion the day of their first bus trip. If possible, many parents may walk with their child to the bus stop on the first day to ensure their comfort and safety. This can be an easy way to settle the first day nerves for the child and the parent.

  1. Start a routine before the first day

When a child is starting back up at school, getting them into a routine before their first day can mean avoiding a lot of late passes throughout the first few weeks. After a summer of sleeping in late, your child is going to have a difficult time getting used to their new schedule. For a child who rides the bus, this is one of the most important factors, as the bus is not going to wait for them if they have a hard time getting going in the morning. Starting a routine before the school year can allow room for mistakes before they result in a missed bus.

  1. Find a buddy

We all remember our parents and teachers forcing us into “finding a buddy” when on school trips or traveling to and from a location. Although we often found it uncomfortable or frustrating, it works! Your child’s school bus stop will most likely be close to your neighborhood, and chances are you and your child are not alone in taking advantage of school provided transportation. Finding a neighbor or family friend who is on the same bus can help ease the mind of both the parent and the child, and will make for an easier first day. So go on, talk with your neighbors, and find a buddy!

  1. Communicate your child’s specific needs

Every child is different, which means that not every child is going to feel the same way about riding the bus. It is very important that, if your child needs special accommodations, you talk with school officials about what can be done. Many school systems can provide a bus stop that is closer to home, and in some cases may be able to pickup from your home directly. School bus safety restraints, if not provided, can be purchased to ensure your child’s safety. When it comes to your child’s needs, communication is key, so be sure to talk with your child’s school about the best possible way to ensure a the safest ride possible.

Trusting the school bus with your child’s safety can be a difficult task, but it is important to remember that there are always resources available to make you feel more at ease. Speaking with your child’s school, learning about the bus routes, finding a buddy, and starting a routine are all important ways to feel more comfortable with the idea of your child riding the bus.

It’s also important to remember that there are accommodations available for your child. E-Z-ON PRODUCTS, INC. of FLORIDA® specializes in school bus safety restraints and safety restraints for the family vehicle, an important piece to many parent’s main concern with school bus safety. If you are concerned about the lack of safety restraint equipment on your child’s bus, talk with your school about your options to see what can be done.

E-Z-ON PRODUCTS INC. of FLORIDA specializes in child and adult passenger safety restraints for children and adults with special needs. Tell us your passenger’s needs, and we will design a custom safety system that will keep them safe and will give you peace of mind.


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