Children’s Safety: The Real Dangers of Halloween

Children’s Safety: The Real Dangers of Halloween
October 27, 2017 newezon

E-Z-ON PRODUCTS, INC, OF FLORIDA knows the importance of safety when it comes to our children, and holidays are no exception. With Halloween, parents have often been frightened for their children’s safety over the tales of tampered candy on this frightful night, but the real dangers of Halloween might come as somewhat of a shock.

Debunking The Myth

Many parents will often require a check of their children’s candy upon arriving home from trick or treating, and rightfully so, but did you know that tampered candy isn’t as common as many believe? In fact, the wildly popular myth has proven again and again to be one of the least dangerous aspects when it comes to children’s safety on Halloween. As of 2013, a sociologist who had been investigating these accusations for over 30 years had yet to identify a single loss of life from tampered candy. This is not to say that a parent should not check their child’s collected candy to ensure their children’s safety on Halloween, but it is to say there is a far more prevalent and dangerous threat to be aware of on Halloween.

The Real Danger

According to Safe Kids, children are twice as likely to be hit and killed by a car on Halloween than other days of the year. WIth Halloween hosting late night trick or treaters, parties for adults which can involve alcohol, and a large amount of traffic both in vehicle and on foot…we can see why. These traditions make the most important factor of children’s safety on Halloween simple, making sure they are aware of their surroundings.

How to Prevent Accidents

The easiest way to ensure your children’s safety on Halloween is to assure that they are visible in low light areas. With Halloween traditionally known as a “dark” holiday, it is important that you make sure all costumes have some type of reflective material to maintain visibility in low light. Light-up shoes, glow sticks, headlamps, and personal flashlights make great costume safety accessories.

In addition to children being less visible, the outside world may also be less visible to them during the holiday as well. With masks oftentimes reducing peripheral vision, it is important that parents know what costume will be best for allowing a child to see correctly. A costume which allows the neck to move freely, while keeping vision unimpaired is always beneficial for children’s safety on Halloween.  With many drivers on the street, escorting your child or offering trick or treat alternatives such as “Trunk or Treat” events may be a better alternative to ensuring your children’s safety.

The Biggest Safety Tip: Knowing Road Rules

Perhaps one of the most important lessons to ensure children’s safety on Halloween is making sure that they are aware of road rules. Reminding your child to always stay on the sidewalk, keep away from unlit neighborhoods, and always look both ways can make the difference when they are out on a night like Halloween.

Halloween is a holiday that is fun-filled and known for its ability to draw creativity from children, so maintaining their safety and ensuring them a fun night is important to us all! For E-Z-ON PRODUCTS, INC, OF FLORIDA, children’s safety, especially in regards to transportation, is our number one priority. We hope that all of our visitors have a wonderful Halloween, and remember to stay safe!


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