When to Replace the Safety Restraints in Your Family Vehicle

When to Replace the Safety Restraints in Your Family Vehicle
December 10, 2017 newezon

E-Z-ON PRODUCTS, INC. of FLORIDA knows the importance of owning a safety restraint that properly protects us against the dangers of the road. Safety restraints have often protected individuals from serious injury during an otherwise fatal accident, and these devices are essential to our protection, but do they last?

Surprisingly, many individuals may go through their car’s entire lifespan before replacing a seat belt, a decision that could prove fatal in the event of an accident. So how does one know when seat belt replacement is necessary? E-Z-ON has some tips to help drivers make that decision.

Here are Three Times Seat Belt Replacement is Necessary.

  1. A Small Tear Goes a Long Way

Many individuals may not pay close attention to the details of their seat belts, as fastening and unfastening can become second nature for drivers and passengers alike, but did you know a tear as small as 5 millimeters can reduce the performance of a seat belt significantly? It is this reason that many organizations urge drivers to have their safety restraints checked annually. With a tear as small as 5mm, noticing the defect on your own can be a challenge, so it is important to have your seat belts checked in the event of needing a seat belt replacement.

  1. One Time Use Only…

Did you know that seat belts are only designed to be used during one significant crash? In fact, many statistics show that after a crash of significant speed seat belt replacement is absolutely necessary. This is because seat belts are designed with webbing that is meant to stretch without breaking during an accident to absorb deceleration forces. Once stretched, the seat belt loses vital elasticity, making it’s effectiveness in the event of another crash significantly reduced. After any accident, it is important that vehicle owners have their restraints checked for flaws in order to decide if seat belt replacement is necessary.

  1. In Event of The Little Ones

Seat belt replacement can often be necessary after a belt has been exposed to stretching for long periods of time. Because of this, often times after a belt has been used for a children’s car seat it can become less effective. The tensioning of the belt for a long period may mean needing a replacement once the need for a child’s car seat is no more. Specialty restraints, such as the ones designed by E-Z-ON PRODUCTS, INC. of FLORIDA can often make for an easy replacement to a standard belt.

When it comes to safety restraints, the minor details can make all of the difference. It is vital that each car has its safety restraints inspected every year to ensure their effectiveness in the case of an accident. Accidents are never planned, so make sure to make seat belt inspection a routine part of your vehicle maintenance. It could save a life.


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