100SMU School Bus Seat Mount

Product Details

The 100SMU is the ideal choice for use on school buses. The 100SMU wraps around the seat of a school bus. It has four tethers that attach to the two D-Rings at the waist of a vest, and the two roll adjusters at the shoulders of a vest.


  • Meets FMVSS213
  • Use only with EZ-ON Compatible vests; 303Z, 403PB
  • For passengers 31-168lbs when used independently
  • Passengers who weigh over 168lbs must use a seatbelt in conjunction.
  • Must be used on school bus seats ONLY
  • Must be used on school bus seats that have entry between the seat bottom and seat back.
  • Entire seat directly behind restrained passenger bus be unoccupied of have restrained occupants.
  • Recommended replacement 6 years after date of manufacturing.

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  • 303Z – Adjustable Zipper Vest with Loops
  • 403PB – Adjustable Push Button Vest with Loops

Washing Instructions

Cold water only. Hand or Machine wash on delicate cycle. Use a mild detergent such as woolite. Do not Machine Dry. IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE BLEACH OR DRY-CLEANING PRODUCTS.



EZ-ON Products Stands behind the products we make. Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanships under normal use during the warranty period. We will repair or replace product defects for 1 year from manufacturer date.



Death or serious injury can occur if manufacturer’s instructions are not followed correctly. All EZ-ON Products are dynamically tested to meet NHTSA standards. Please follow washing instructions on product tag. Replace product if it is damaged, frayed or has been in a crash. Recommended replacement after six years. EZ-ON Products are not liable for injury if these recommendations are not followed.

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