ITEM# 101M2 /M203


  • Transport children while lying on their back.
  • For children in body casts, hip Spica casts, braces, and any other configuration where the child has to be transported laying down.
  • Grows with the passenger through the never-ending growth spurts.
  • Small enough to fit into a backpack, easy to move from one vehicle to another
  • Can be used in all types of family vehicles
  • A layer of padding no thicker than 2” may be used under the passenger for added comfort.
  • M203 for passengers over 12 months old, weighing 22 – 75lbs.
  • 101M2 for passengers weighing 40 – 106lbs.
  • No Mount Needed.
  • Size according to Chest Measurement
    • M203: 18” – 24”
    • 101M2: Fits 25” – 36”
  • Custom Sizing is available


  1. Place vest around passenger with EZ-ON parachute logo on the front.

  2. Close and secure push buttons.

  3. Bring crotch straps through passenger’s legs and secure.

  4. Pull downward on strap to adjust. Pull webbing snug but not too tight. Make sure to position the hip strap low, and over hip bones.

  5. Pull loose end of shoulder strap through bar slide.

  6. Hold bar slide with one hand while pulling loose end to lengthen or shorten strap.
    *Do not pull too tight, as this will cause vest to pull off hips.

  7. Back thread to lock in place.

    NOTE: Rear car seat must be flat. Passenger must be able to fit on rear seat laying lengthwise. 

  8. Lay passenger in the center of the rear seat with the casted leg against the seat back facing away from the vehicle doors.

  9. For children over 30” tall route the vehicle seatbelt closest to the passenger’s head through the chest strap, buckle and tighten.
    *For passenger under 30” tall route seatbelt through the chest and hip strap, buckle and tighten.

  10. Route the second seat belt through the hip strap, buckle and tighten.

  11. Secure seat belts as tightly as possible. Make sure all the seat belt are in the locked position.

  12. Place pillows behind passenger’s head and neck for comfort and protection.


    If 1 leg is casted, be sure that the cast is placed against the rear seat. If both legs are cast, place the extremity belt around both casts at the knee area.

  13. Place extremity belt around casted leg(s) and the lap portion of the already buckled seatbelt.

  14. Position the extremity belt at or above the child’s knee, buckle the extremity belt and pull to tighten.

  15. Secure extremity belt by pulling it snug.


Tighten vest so that no pinch in the webbing can be achieved on the chest strap. When vest is snug fingers will be unable to grab any webbing.


Washing Instructions

Cold water only.  Hand or Machine wash on delicate cycle.  Use a mild detergent such as woolite.  Do not Machine Dry.  IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE BLEACH OR DRY-CLEANING PRODUCTS.


EZ-ON Products Stands behind the products we make.  Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanships under normal use during the warranty period.  We will repair or replace product defects for 1 year from manufacturer date.


Death or serious injury can occur if manufacturer’s instructions are not followed correctly.  All EZ-ON Products are dynamically tested to meet NHTSA standards.  Please follow washing instructions on product tag.  Replace product if it is damaged, frayed or has been in a crash.  Recommended replacement after six years.  EZ-ON Products are not liable for injury if these recommendations are not followed.